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Colombia Coffee Beans - ORGANIC

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12oz freshly roasted whole bean coffee grown in Colombia. 



Caramel, Black Cherry, Grape, Plum, Honey

Colombia is the largest producer of washed Arabica coffee and third highest elevation in the world, after Brazil and Vietnam.

Annual production ranges from 12 - 15 million 70-kilo (154 lbs) bags, exporting approximately 12.5 million and locally consuming around 2 million bags. Colombia is very unique that is able to produce coffee all 12 months of the year due to it's range of micro climates and terrain. The flowering period is from April - October and the Main Crop harvest from September - December. The Mitaca harvest runs from March - June.

Nariño Organic Coffee

This community lot comes from Ecoterra, a coffee-producer cooperative in Colombia’s storied Nariño department. Ecoterra’s 117 members cultivate coffee on small farms that dot the verdant slopes of the mountains ranging from 1,800 to 2,100masl. Amidst the lush greenery, coffee plants grow organically alongside crops of corn, bananas, beans, and onions, painting a vibrant tapestry of agricultural bounty.

With an average temperature of 20ºC and an annual rainfall of 844 millimeters, the microclimate is ripe for quality coffee growth. Producers abide by the traditional semiannual fertilization practice, where trees receive organic nutrition once before they flower, and again after cherries are harvested.