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Mexico Coffee Beans - ORGANIC

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12 oz. whole bean roasted fresh and to your preference. 


This is a Fair Trade, organic certified, SHG EP grade coffee from over 8 thousand small producers from Chiapas and working directly with Exportadora De Cafe California (ECC).  ECC was founded in 1941 in Tapachula, Chiapas and directly focuses on bringing sustainable and environmental practices to the coffee industry and farmers.

Everything that went into growing this Mexico Chiapas Organic is natural, with priority placed on conserving and revitalizing the land’s resources. Most of the farmers in Chiapas are smallholders, and their economy is driven by coffee as a cash crop. With a delightful flavor profile that includes marzipan, orange, red apple, and granola, this light coffee with satisfying acidity is a beautiful example of Chiapas’ agricultural excellence.